Bookly list command

Your company library, in Slack. No more pain discovering knowledge

Bookly allows employees to quickly and easily find available library resources

Bookly list command

Reduce learning barriers

The problem with existing company libraries is that it's hard to search through physical libraries to find the resources you need. If employees can't discover books easily then they'll give up, and your library gathers dust.

Bookly allows employees to search books by book category, custom tags, title or author, helping them easily discover what they need.

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Visibility of engagement

Employees may be reading books in your library but it's impossible to track without asking or by becoming a gatekeeper. You also don't know which books get higher engagement so you can't identify where to invest in the future.

Bookly's dashboards let you know which books are being borrowed in your organisation at any time, when inventory has run low, and the average checkout duration. No asking or gatekeeping necessary.

Bookly list command
Bookly list command

Keep track of your inventory

How many of your organisation's books have been sitting idle on employees' shelves for months? It's human nature to forget, but how do you easily keep track of inventory so you can send a gentle reminder to return valuable learning resources?

Bookly's dashboard lets you know who is currently borrowing which books so you don't need to keep buying more.

Why Bookly?


Employees genuinely want to develop their skills, the problem lies with searching through mountains of books. Once discovery becomes easier, so does learning.

Ease of use

Employees are already overwhelmed managing logins for multiple platforms at work, and external library portals or spreadsheets create an additional barrier.

Everyone keeps their Slack open, so knowledge is just a slash command away.


Office libraries are a bit of a black hole. Some people may be reading books, but we have no way of knowing.

Bookly allows to to have more visibility over your library usage.

Cost saving

Current company libraries are ineffective due to the pain of discoverability. Bookly makes searching eaiser and therefore your books aren't going to waste.