Bookly robot owl

Your company library. In Slack.

Bookly list command

Search and borrow books

Deliberating over buying that book you've heard good things about? Chances are your company or one of your colleagues already have it.

Simply browse your library and checkout the book you want.

Bookly add command

Add your own books to lend to others

Your company can list their own collection, but sometimes the biggest gems are sitting on the bookshelves of you and your co-workers.

List your own books and when you checkout a book, Bookly bot will start a conversation between you and the owner to organise the loan.

Why Bookly?

Cost saving

The average person reads 12 books a year. For a company of 50 employees sharing their collections, that amounts to a saving of $9,600 per year! For a company of 200 that's a saving of $38,400 per year


In addition to making employees more knowledgeable, reading has also proven to improve empathy skills, memory function, focus and to reduce stress. All of which help produce a more happy and efficient workplace.

Ease of use

Employees are already overwhelmed managing logins for multiple platforms at work, and external library portals create an additional barrier to learning.

Everyone keeps their Slack open, so knowledge is just a slash command away.


Sharing and re-using books instead of purchasing new ones reduces the worlds carbon footprint by 2.7kg per book. For a company of 200 people reading 12 books per year, that's as much C02 as a return flight from England to Australia.