Bookly list command

List and borrow books

Deliberating over buying that book you've heard good things about? Chances are your company or one of your colleagues already have it.

Simply browse your library and checkout the book you want.

Bookly search command

Search by title, author or category

Sometimes you already know what you feel like.

Search by genre, title keywords or author to find what you want quicker.

Bookly add command

Add your own books to lend to others

Your company can list their own collection, but sometimes the biggest gems are sitting on the bookshelves of you and your co-workers.

List your own books and when you checkout a book, Bookly bot will start a conversation between you and the owner to organise the loan.

Bookly list my loaned books command

Keep tabs of your borrowed / loaned books

Forgot who borrowed your book 4 weeks ago? Trying to remember whos book is lying on your nightstand?

No problem, there's a command for that.